Athletic Angel is a women's fitness apparel & accessories brand, manufacturer, and online retailer based in the United States.

Athletic Angel was created on 02/20/2020 by teenager Zoe Hunt under her father's (Edward) company (Hunt.ed Inc.), a family friend (Zane), along with her cousin (Chris). Athletic Angel has grown from a laptop on a kitchen table to corporate headquarters in Austin TX and two factories with a worldwide distribution network. Athletic Angel is dedicated on producing innovative, capable, and practical active wear designed to keep you comfortable while you workout, by providing clothing that gives full style and coverage where desired: with a fabric that refuses to quit giving you a squat proof and supportive experience. 

Hunt.ed Inc., including Athletic Angel, is a profoundly patriotic company, with a "code" that drives how it operates and conducts business.

 1 -- Freedom is a must; without freedom -- you cannot achieve your life goals, we want to empower you to be physically fit enough to accomplish your life goals. 

2 -- Money is good for nothing except as a tool to get the things to make life better -- this is why we strive to give you the best prices as possible, and it is also why we give to charity.

3 -- Life is not what you have, but whom you spend it with, while this is true, we also maintain that what you do with those people make life better -- and we want you to be more capable of doing anything your life has in store for you. 

4 -- You MUST take care of yourself first but not at the expense of others -- originally meant on a personal level; we have incorporated it into the company.

5 -- Who cares what the other people have said or done, you need to make sure you are not a shitty person -- or shitty company.

6 -- Close only counts with horseshoes, hand grenades, and nuclear weapons -- everything else needs significance.

7 -- If you suck in life, dust yourself off and do better tomorrow -- be better every day.


Athletic Angel is led by:

Zoe Hunt - Founder

Edward Hunt - Chief Executive Officer

Tara Mendoza - Chief Media Officer

Correnzo Volkov - Chief Technical Officer

Chris Ouzts  - Chief Financial Officer

Zane Johanson - Chief Corporate Secretary

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