What to Wear When your Home is the Your New Gym

What to Wear When your Home is the Your New Gym

Women didn't always have access to gyms, but that has never stopped them from leading an active lifestyle and staying healthy. It took decades for women to finally be allowed to participate in the Olympics - a move that redefined sports history by welcoming women to participate in an industry that was completely male-dominated until that point.

But does that mean that women didn't exercise before that? Or that they were always viewed as weak when it comes to physical prowess? That couldn't be further from the truth. From Spartan women believing in their power as only a Spartan woman can birth a Spartan man to goddesses like Artemis and Athena making headways against male Gods in the Greek pantheon when it comes to hunting and war - women had always found a way to look and feel their best through physical activity and exercise, irrespective of when they were born

And if these powerhouse women are anything to go by, working out even when you don't have access to the right equipment is both possible and very beneficial to your health and overall self-confidence. You won't have to find a peaceful plot in a forest, or pray to Athena for knowledge on the right equipment that will aid your workouts - our contemporary society has brought with it many advantages that can turn working out from home into high-intensity workouts that leave your skin glowing and your endorphins rushing. Here's what you need to know about your perfect workout armor as you transform your castle (your home) into your personal Olympic training ground (a home gym).

Why are workout clothes for women important if you aren't going to the gym?

The world today has entered a temporary standstill where millions of people across the world have no choice but to wait out at home until it's safe to go outside. Gyms are closed, and going for a walk or a run can be pretty dangerous as you don't know whether you will run into someone who is infected or not.

Staying healthy is more important now than ever, and one crucial way you can improve your health is by getting regular exercise. But if you can't go to a gym and you can't go outside, then what can you do? There's a lot more you can do at home than you realize, and you don't need to have expensive gym equipment to workout at home. However, you do need to have the right workout clothes for women - and this has more to do with health than looking good.

Workout clothes for women are specifically designed to promote exercise in women while controlling issues such as sweating while you work out, fitting garments that give you flexibility and mobility, and more. Gym clothes for women are often sold based on how attractive they will make you look, and this selling strategy leaves out the critical information you need about why you are investing in specific gym equipment. Your gym outfit is as much a part of your workout equipment as any other gear.

Consider this - you just started working out at home. You found an old skipping rope, or you decided to use an old cable that was lying around and never got any use (creative use of things lying around the home as gym equipment), and you just finished a high-intensity workout right in your living room. Unfortunately, as good as the exercise made you feel, the sweat that got absorbed by your cotton lounge shirt became a dark cloud blocking your ray of endorphin infused sunshine. However, the right workout clothes won't have this problem.

A common material used in workout clothes is polypropylene. This fabric prevents sweat from soaking into the skin. Instead, the sweat evaporates, and you don't have to worry about looking sweat-drenched or smelling weird after your workout session. Cotton can be suitable for certain kinds of workouts, such as when dancing or during yoga, but rubber or plastic-based workout clothes are an absolute no-no. They don't allow sweat to evaporate, and they simultaneously increase your body's temperature as you workout - a bad combination for anyone looking to improve their health and mind by working out from home. So what do you wear?

What to wear when you are working out from home: 

Home-based workouts today are as high-intensity as any workout you do at the gym, thanks to the internet. Hundreds of apps let you download content showing you how to do yoga, learn a particular dance, or perfect an exercise routine. You can also use video calling features to get in touch with an exercise instructor, family, or friends - people who can encourage you to work out, as well as people who will work out alongside you. That is why we started the Core Club.

Listed below is what you should wear for different workouts:

  • High-intensity exercise: If you are engaging in exercise, then a sports bra or a bralette at essential. Add a high waist lounge legging to this for the perfect bottom. With some grip socks, your workout outfit is ready to go.
  • Yoga: When doing yoga, you should aim for loose during clothes that give you plenty of room to move around and breathe freely. That is why a cotton T-shirt and cotton pants are the perfect workout clothes for women that go perfectly with yoga. The more mobility you give yourself, the better your yoga routine will go. The flip side of this is if you get sore during yoga, try and get a compression top with thumb holes so that the top stays in place, as well as compression leggings.
  • Running or cycling: You can always try cycling at home if you have the right gym equipment. If you have to wait till you can go out for a run or cycle, then you can stock up on the right workout outfit now, so you have a cute workout outfit ready for your next jog. For running, you need a supportive bralette or sports bra, along with shorts or leggings. Avoid track pants that are loose near the bottom as these could get dirty while you run or get caught in the pedals while you cycle, causing drag and other problems.
  • Dance: Dancing is a great way to exercise from home, and it also gives you the most options in choosing what you can and cannot wear. A good option is a cotton bodysuit, some knit leggings combined with a knit cardigan combined or a crop top.


Exercising helps to release endorphins and can make you feel empowered, happy, and healthy. With the right workout clothes for women, you can turn working out from home into an intense exercise experience without having to worry about regularly going to the gym.

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