Should You Run Before You Lift?

Should You Run Before You Lift?

Ask 100 people if you should run or do cardio before strength training, and you'll get about 100 different reasons why you should or shouldn't do cardio first. we have decided that we can cut through the myths and give you the answers you need to build your best body and do it in as quick as possible

A new study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research discovered something astonishing: it doesn't make any difference if you do cardio before or after training. Whether you lift weights or getting perspiring on a cardio machine, the same hormones spike. Also, you won't notice much of a variation in your performance, either.

The study was rather clear about the findings; conclusions still vary. According to some, It's better to do your strength training before cardio so that you are fresh when you lift. But if you did it the other way, you would get tired, and you wouldn't be able to lift as much, and your technique would suffer. Others say that If your goal is fat loss, the perfect situation would be to perform strength training first, accompanied by cardiovascular training. When you strength train, your body utilizes glycogen (which stores your carbohydrates) and use it for fuel, if you strength train first, then do cardio shortly after (which prefers fat for fuel for lower intensity cardio), it would then be ideal for metabolizing fat. On top of this, people will burn up to 20 percent more fat by running in the morning on an empty stomach. Some experts advise breaking up your training drills to do cardio in the morning on an empty stomach and then weights later on in the day with pre-workout and protein-based snack.

Just realize that you've got options - Our advice? If you can split your training efforts into two separate workouts, hit the gym on an empty stomach in the morning, and then do your cardio (and lift weights later in the day in a different session), you will have more significant results, and enjoy your workouts a lot more.

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