Compression Clothing For Workouts

Compression Clothing For Workouts

For all of you who’ve made fun of the ultra-tight, form-fitting and but hugging workout clothes worn by many athletes and gym enthusiasts, there is an excellent reason behind why they do so. This type of workout wear is called ‘compression’ clothing and is quite popular among active men and women these days. It may appear unusual, but when you know why and how it can help you in your workouts, you’ll probably change your mind pretty quickly!

 What Is Compression Clothing?

 Compression clothes are form-fitting shorts, tights, leggings, t-shirts, sleeves, bodysuits, and socks, made of tight elastic. This elastic could be Lycra or spandex, nylon, or any combination, and is highly flexible, which is why it helps hold and squeeze and align your muscles and aids in athletic performance as well as muscle recovery.

 Besides being functional, compression clothing can also be super stylish. So, you could find basic options like black and grey and even wilder ones like tie-dye and tiger print!

 Compressed garments are designed in a way that they fit tightly under your workout gear. They can also be worn alone and help absorb moisture and sweat while regulating body temperature. Another function of compression workout wear is to put slight pressure on your muscles and limbs. These garments were first created for those who struggled with poor circulation, but slowly the clothing gained popularity among regular gym-goers and athletes too as they realized its importance in boosting their workouts and recovery. It does this by increasing blood circulation and efficiency.

 Why Pick Compression Garments For Your Workout?

  •  One of the main benefits of using compression workout clothes is that they help keep your muscles warm. This is a vital function to prevent any sort of muscle fatigue and strain and also for reduction of injury risk
  • Compression clothes are also known to enhance blood flow and deliver oxygen to muscles while you’re exercising. This, in turn, helps minimize the time taken for muscles to repair themselves post-workout or post-injury and also reduces muscle soreness and stiffness
  • Additionally, these garments may help decrease muscle oscillation (mild tearing in muscle tissue) and lactic acid accumulation. Reduced muscle oscillation can help you sustain a workout longer and even help you do more strenuous routines, without experiencing much pain
  • Those who wear compression workout gear regularly have also reported an increase in muscle output, owing to the supportive and elastic quality of the material
  • In recent studies, it has been found that the fabric’s inherent ‘stretch’ quality supports your stretch reflex, and this helps boost output and athletic performance. This is specifically true in the case of athletes who engage in jumping or vertical leaps
  • Many of you might have struggled to adjust your undergarments while exercising. Well, here’s an interesting fact- compression workout wear can actually take care of that problem as it helps keep underwear in place. For sports like softball and baseball, compression wear is slightly padded at the hips as it helps reduce the chance of injury to players. Impact force is reduced to a great extent with the use of compression clothing

 Even with all the above advantages, you might still question the relevance of compression clothing to you, especially if you’re not an athlete. Well, there is a massive myth that compression garments are designed primarily for those participating in sports or suffering from an injury. If you ask doctors and health experts, they will tell you how they have been recommending compression wear to people for years, specifically those with poor blood circulation. In many cases, sedentary lifestyles can lead to blood clots, and compression clothing can help prevent that.

 Similarly, even for athletes and active people, compression garments can boost blood circulation and enhance receptive input. While wearing this type of workout gear, we tend to sense our body parts better with the application of compression, which in turn sends a signal to our brain and helps enhance performance. It’s merely a mechanical reflex; think about it- don’t you feel your elbow better when you cup it with your hands? That’s precisely how compression garments work!

 How To Pick The Right Compression Workout Wear

 Now comes the question of how you should pick compression clothing for your workout. And the answer is quite simple- think about the area you wish to focus on or your exercise goals in general. For instance, if you want to minimize the strain on your calves while running, then what you’ll need is a leg sleeve or maybe long compression socks. On the other hand, if your primary concern is the improvement of blood flow in your arms on bicep day, then compression sleeves for the upper body are the perfect fit. For runners, wearing compression shorts is an excellent idea as they apply greater pressure to your hips, pelvis, and thighs, giving you a better sense of control over your lower body.

 Compression wear is the new-age workout wear based on certain scientific principles and has more to it than just reshaping the body. Also, all compression garments aren’t created the same, and therefore will not provide all of the advantages mentioned above, some of them are designed to suit specific activities such as running. However, certain traits are shared by almost all types of compression clothes i.e., they offer comfort and support and can help warm your muscles.

 In conclusion, it would be fair to say that compression clothes can benefit every aspect of your workout. You can use them before a workout for warming up quickly and increasing blood flow in the body. While exercising, they support controlled movement and ensure minimal muscle vibration and enhanced endurance. The post-workout benefits of compression clothing are also worth noting, as blood flow increases in parts where pressure is applied, your body can remove waste products at a much faster rate. These effects are beneficial for any active person or athlete, irrespective of level.

 Also, let’s not forget that apart from these physical benefits, the reason why compression clothing caught on so fast is that it looks super trendy and gives you a very sporty appearance for your workout!

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