6 Ways Fitness Clothing Can Affect Athletic Performance

6 Ways Fitness Clothing Can Affect Athletic Performance

Every time you head to work, you always attempt to "dress for success." You know that what you wear will affect how your company execs and colleagues perceive you, and perception dramatically affects performance. But did you know that this applies to athletic performance as well?

There's a reason why, apart from looking good, bikers don cycling shorts; Why runners wear special shoes, and why your yoga instructor wears yoga attire. Athletic clothing today is designed to enhance athletic performance.

Gym clothes, running shoes, leggings, and workout clothes have become the norm at studios and gyms. So stop doubting yourself and indulge in workout clothes for women.

Here are six ways modern fitness clothing affect performance:

1. They boost brain performance! 

Do you recall how you felt when you threw on a workout tank top and gym shorts? You probably experienced something called "enclothed cognition." Psychologists state that when you put on workout outfits, you will experience a mental shift. For example, if you try on a new workout top, you may feel happy and even motivated to go to the gym. A study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology found that clothing can influence attitudes and behavior because it has a significant symbolic meaning. Which means what you wear changes subconsciously how you act.

Sports Psychologist, Dr. Jonathan Fader states, "When you change into new fitness clothing, you get into the character of what you're going to do. Just like an actor getting ready to go on stage". It's almost like your gym clothes mentally prepare you for a workout.

Let's face it, those cute crop tops and gym shorts women wear, not only prep you to become more active, but they instill confidence in your abilities. Boosted confidence leads to more motivation and focus.

2. They protect you from the environment.

Apart from helping you look and feel good, gym clothes for women provide a formidable defense against the forces of nature like rain, snow, wind, and dirt. For example, if you're running outdoors in the summer, the weather is going to be very hot. You'll want to wear a workout outfit that is made from breathable fabrics. It should also be ventilated or loose so that your body remains cool and doesn't get overheated. Colorful clothing is excellent for reflecting the sun rays away from the body, helping you to stay cool, and visible.

During the colder seasons, opt for activewear that is layered but has adequate ventilation. This helps regulate your body temperature while keeping you dry. You can easily remove layered clothing if you're feeling too hot.

3. They increase comfort.

One of the most significant variables that affect athletic performance is comfort. Imagine your workout gear is too tight, too loose, or isn't suitable for the sport you're playing. How can you expect to kick a goal with walking shoes? Wearing the wrong shoes during any competition can not only give you blisters but also injure your feet.

Similarly, wearing a regular bra during a marathon is not going to give your back adequate support. You need to wear a sports bra so that your chest feels protected, and your back is reinforced.

Choosing sportswear that provides comfort is essential. It will boost your confidence and provide you with the support you need to improve performance.

4. They are built for sweat-wick ability and breathability. 

Whether you lift weights, do Pilates, run on the treadmill, or shoot hoops, you're going to sweat. Wearing the right workout outfits such as those that wick sweat away and are made from breathable fabrics are the best options. These materials keep you cool while removing the sweaty moisture from your body. Today's clothing technology is made to have a tremendous impact on your athletic performance. The materials are antibacterial and moisture-wicking. This means no smelly after-workout clothes!

Cotton, on the other hand, is excellent for absorbing sweat and keeping you cool. It also gets heavier as it absorbs moisture, making you feel very uncomfortable (and smelly).

5. They increase the intimidation factor.

If you're wondering how workout clothing can affect athletic performance, then consider how sports clothing intimidates your opponents? According to Sports Psychologist Leah Lagos, sports clothing affects professional athletes as well. An athlete may acquire a perceived mental edge over his or her opponents if they wear specific designs or outfits.

Studies have shown that professional teams who wear black uniforms are viewed as more aggressive than wearing other colors. This doesn't mean you have to pick activewear in all-black. Consider gym shorts women in red as this is also perceived as a dominant and powerful color!

6. They provide protection and prevent injuries. 

Wearing sportswear that is suited to the climate where you live, and the activity you're doing is vital for providing protection and preventing bodily injuries. For instance, if you love early morning runs, then you're going to need to insulated workout tops for women. This type of clothing will protect you from cold temperatures and keep your body warm so that you can jog with ease.

If you're jogging in a place like Miami, then workout tank tops are best. Miami's weather is humid and hot. A tank top will keep you cool and fashionable!

Compression is also great for multiple reasons; compression will help with muscle stability, which will increase your focus and ability upwards of 15%. Also, compression will reduce recovery time by 20%, making it so that you can push harder, longer, and faster. 

Similarly, wearing the right shoes in the correct size is necessary for injury prevention. For instance, if you wear walking shoes to your basketball game, then you can expect shin splints, ankle injuries, and even blisters. These will put you on an unnecessary workout hiatus.

If you're planning to participate in half-marathon training, then get a superb pair of running shoes that will give you shock absorbency and stability during the run. If you're planning to ride across the state, then it's crucial to have comfy biker shorts that will increase your performance in your glutes and thighs. Are you starting yoga classes? You're going to need suitable gym clothes to perform all those asanas.

Wearing the right gym wear has a significant impact on your athletic performance. From giving you a mental boost to motivating you to work out and building your confidence, to increasing comfort and preventing injuries, wearing activewear significantly and directly affects performance.


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