6 Cardio Workouts To Keep You Fit During Quarantine

6 Cardio Workouts To Keep You Fit During Quarantine

Maintaining a healthy body while keeping yourself in isolation can seem like a challenge. However, it’s more important than ever to have a fitness regimen. A daily routine consisting of exercise, nutritious food, and relaxation is necessary to keep your immune system healthy.

Even though you can’t head to the gym right now or participate in a pilates class, we’ve got six cardio workouts that you can easily do at home. Cardio exercises can prevent many chronic diseases like diabetes and coronary heart disease. They’re also guaranteed to make you sweat, build your metabolism, and strengthen your heart. No special exercise equipment required. All you need is a set of fitness clothing and a pair of running shoes to get started.

Here we go:

1. Jumping Jack

Jumping Jacks are a class aerobic exercise, designed to reduce body fat and weight. Jumping jacks are known for toning the deltoids, quadriceps, laterals, and shaping the inner and outer thighs. To get the most out of your jumping jack workout, put on a pair of gym shorts and a tank top. This will keep your hands and legs free during this intense exercise.

To perform a jumping jack,

1. Stand straight with your stomach tucked in and spine straight. Keep both arms on either side of your body with your feet together.

2. While keeping your knees bent slightly, jump up and bring both arms up so that they’re parallel to your shoulders. At the same time, spread your legs out to shoulder-width.

3. Now, jump back to the stationary position you had in step 1.

4. Perform steps 1, 2, and 3 continuously. Do three sets of 20 repetitions each. You can increase the reps and speeds as your fitness level goes up.


2. Cross Jacks

Cross Jacks are a high-intensity cardio workout. It is a great way to target that hard-to-reach fat in your thighs, calves, triceps, and biceps.

To perform cross jacks,

1. Stand straight with your head up and spine erect. Rest your arms on either side of your body while keeping the feet together.

2. Stretch out your legs so that they’re hip-width apart. Now jump as high as you can.

3. While jumping, take your arms above at the same time and cross them at the wrists.

4. When you come back down, perform a criss-cross of the feet at your ankles and also bring the arms in front and criss-cross at the hips.

5. Be sure to inhale while you jump and exhale when you cross your feet.

6. Perform steps 1 through 5 without stopping for a break. Complete a set of 30 reps before breaking, Increase your reps and sets as you develop in endurance.


Pro-Tip: We recommended you wear workout clothes along with a pair of running shoes to aid in muscle recovery and to increase endurance.


3. Standing Oblique Crunches

Standing Oblique Crunches are a great beginner’s exercise, especially if you hate doing crunches and sit-ups. Oblique crunches target your abs, arms, and legs. Get ready to sweat hard, so it’s best to wear workout tank tops when performing this exercise.

To perform a standing oblique crunch:

1. Stand upright with your feet apart. Place your right hand near your ear. This will stick out your elbow.

2. Place all your body weight on your left leg as you lift your right leg and bring it near your ear.

3. As you bring up your right leg, lower your right elbow. Ensure the knee and elbow meet. Then return to step 1.

4. Repeat steps 1 through 3 for each side. You may do each rep on alternate sides or complete a set on the side and then switch to the other side.

5. Keep your knee bent while doing this exercise. Perform two sets of 20 reps on either side.


4. Jumping Rope

This classic aerobic exercise can be performed outdoors as well as indoors, and by people of all ages. Did you know that you can burn up to 1300 calories by skipping for an hour?

Grab your gym clothes, and let’s get started:

1. Stand up straight with your head and spine erect. Grab the jump rope and hold each end in either hand. Bring the rope over your head and behind your back. This is your starting position.

2. While keeping your hands at least a foot away from your body, swing the rope ends forward so that the rope comes over your head.

3. Jump up as you take the rope below your feet, towards your back, above your head, and bring it forward.

4. Perform steps 2 and 3 continuously without stopping.

5. To start, do two sets of 40 reps, then gradually increase your reps to 100.


5. Knee March

This easy workout is simple to do with activewear. It’s not only effective for strengthening your heart, but it also tones your abs, hips, butt, and thighs.

To perform this exercise:

1. Stand up straight with your head and spine erect. Keep your feet together and your hands to the side.

2. Lift your knee one at a time. Pull your knees up to your waist.

3. Move each hand up in conjunction with the opposite knee, i.e., left knee and right hand, right knee, and left hand.

4. Maintain a steady pace. Perform three reps of 30 for each leg.


6. Crab Walk

The crab walk is a fun cardio exercise. This workout will strengthen your legs, back, arms, and abs.

Put on your favorite workout pants, and let’s get started.

1. Sit down with your knees bent at a 90-degree angle.

2. Place your hands under your shoulders with your palms flat on the floor.

3. Lift your hips upward by spreading your body weight onto your legs and hands.

4. Now try walking forward a few steps and then back a few steps.

5. Perform this exercise for at least 10 minutes.


To get the most out of your home cardio workout during your quarantine, ensure you’re wearing comfortable fitness clothing. Modern activewear is made from a unique material that is designed to wick sweat away while giving you support. Stay fit and have fun with Athletic Angel.

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